How to install UiPath Studio Latest 2021

Today, I will show you how to use Dipaths 2021. How to install it connect to Orchestrator. Create the first robot and deploy this robot to orchestrator after that, I will show you how to configure Dipaths Assistant to run this robot using Orchestrator and Assistant and in the end, we will have finished infrastructure. Also, I would recommend you to subscribe my channel in the end or you can do it right now so let’s start from installation. Dipaths Studio 2021 Dipath is one of the top robotic process automation tools and to use it we need the Windows because off it’s created specifically for windows and if you have Linux or Marcos you need to use a virtual machine. I have a separate video how to install virtual machine to macros So in this article we will start from installation your iPad studio.

The first what you need you need to go to Official website and let’s click try uh pass free what’s interesting that the dipath has a Free community edition version and we can use it the whole time So the first what we need we need to sign up. Let’s sign up with email The next you need choose your country for me, it’s Ukraine, but I don’t have Ukraine in this list I will show you what to do in this case If your country isn’t in this list, it means that you cannot use Dipaths but we can handle this problem. So let’s choose United States And continue Then we need email.

Then we click confirm terms of use and Let’s sign up After that we need verify our email So you can go to your email and verify it After that when you verified email, I already verified it. You can click here and let’s sign in so right now we are on cloud of dipath so here we see that we have orchestrator service already created for us and what’s important we can download studio? So let’s click download studio and what we will see we have 403 error. It’s forbidden we have this error because of we are right now from Ukraine and this country isn’t in a list of allowed countries, so to fix this problem. We need to install vans and Download this studio through the vans so let’s go to so I’m using this one we pan the free version will be enough for us. So let’s install this vans 500 megabytes is okay so this tunnel bear vans was installed let’s open it and was downloaded and let’s install this vans in your case.

You can use any other repair So let’s install this one If you are from another country where installation is locked you can skip this part And go to the next section where we will install dipath studio directly Also, we need create free account. So use the same email I will use the same After that we need verify this email as well, so I verified my email let’s click ok And now we need to choose united states which is united states and Wait for a while Okay, we are connected in united states, so let’s go again to dipath studio To the cloud and click download studio So we see this Size it’s okay for us save file. And now as you see we can install your iPad studio without any problems Okay, while we installing qi path 3d.

I will show you orchestrator how to connect it when we were Signed up to dipath we are on cloud platform or you can click just platform Go to this, urn And it will be redirected to cloud let’s go to services And we see that we have one enable service, it’s our orchestrator, let’s click it And now we are in orchestrator we don’t need to create any other orchestrator we do not need install it separately It’s specifically it’s just a web application Which we will use Okay, dipath 3d was downloaded let’s go to download It was important I didn’t mention that we have a Windows 10 operating system. It’s just installed out of the box without installing any another packages or Libraries, I didn’t install c plus language so we can Use this operating system from the box.

Let’s click pair studio setup So we are using dipath 2020 is a better not final version so there might be some issues Okay on the home screen we need the use community license because of you will use community version And we don’t want to pay for license then we need We will use studio pro community Okay, let’s use stable version Also, then then we need to choose source control support, we will use get we can use but this one We can skip let’s click continue And we have installed dipath studio, let’s create a first robot go to process Okay.

We don’t need vans anymore so we can It was already turned off, so let’s turn off vans So we have dipath studio Main screen, let’s create Let’s go to main workflow and create first activity Let’s click plus and we need message box Add the quoted text foreign We created the first text yes, I will subscribe to our simple channel so that we can debug this robot And we see this message box if it was executed it works, okay and now we need to connect this robot to orchestrator and then Run this robot without dipath studio.

So how we can do it let’s go to let’s go to dipath orchestrator then we need to go machines and we need to create a first machine. It will be connected to this One we are using for creating robots let’s add new machine. We will use standard one not floating Name we will use the same name we have on our computer let’s Open system tray And open your pass assistant Right now it’s offline Let’s go to settings and orchestrator settings On this screen we see machine name, let’s copy this name Edit here Then we need the license unattended robots less increased to 1 And testing environments 1 as well, let’s click provision Okay, we created a first robot and now we see that we can copy Kim So and we can click this one. We will copy machine key the next one in settings we need we can add this robot so motion key we need Put Into this field and we need orchestrator.

Ural how we can get this. Ural let’s go to Orchestrator again, and we need copy. Ural till the default Word. So this section Again copy it And the put here as well and now we can try to connect So we see that it was connected but it was unlicensed Okay, and how work is done? Let’s now create. Let’s go to robots In orchestrator and create our first robot And it will be a standard robot as well And now we can choose machine is our computer Then we need the name of this robot it will be our hello world Description we can skip type Let’s Try attendant We will use orchestrator database and we need to use.

We need put domain and username how we can get this data. Let’s go to our computer Put cod Command prompt and here we will type who am I? And we get this data, let’s copy And put here then we need to put the password it’s your Microsoft Windows password which you are using to sign in So let’s check this password Yes, let’s click create The next let’s go to dipath studio and let’s publish this robot Version will be 1.01 Let’s click publish we don’t need any other options So we see that project was successfully Published let’s click ok And go to orchestrator again And we see that this robot is available the next what we need to do is go to Okay, let’s open up settings dipath assistant and we see that This is connected and licensed already.

So it’s what we expected and now we can close this setting window and open up as assistant All right. Now we see that there is nothing Okay, let’s create a new process Now the first one what we need we need great environment let’s go to robots let’s go to environment and create new environment let’s call it demo Create this environment and we need to add our first robot to this environment. So it will be hello world great update and now we can go to process Processes, let’s create new process we need to choose broad package, its hello world package. We already published orchestrator Version the latest one environment demo Then we will have priority normal it doesn’t matter and That’s it lets click create And now we see this button we can start a job let’s try to click what we will see So we see that we have process And we have this robot We can choose robot.

We can choose this robot on this window just because we choose an attendant robot. So For dipath there are two types of robots attendant and unattended if we are using attendant type of robot We cannot run it using bypass studio, but for an attendant we can use dipath So that’s au pass Orchestrator, let’s run it from orchestrator. Let’s click start Right now it should send command from dipath orchestrator to our computer and here we see that something is happening and One second and here we see this window so Command using rest ape was sent from up pass orchestrator to our dipath assistant on our computer And this robot was successfully run.

Let’s click Ok and now we can open Uri path assistant and we see that we have this Robot, and also we can run it from dipath assistant. Let’s click start And the same window is what we expected Also we can open roux In orchestrator, we see that we have this robot type an attendant status available Also we have jobs History what was executed so right now we have two Entries if the first one exit was executed from orchestrator the second one we executed directly from dipath assistant and now for them let’s close orchestrator We don’t need it anymore, let’s close dipath studio.

We don’t need it and let’s close everything else So we have dipath assistant is a tool which helps us to manage all robots we have on our computer It’s connected to dipath robot is a service. Which runs all robots on your computer Names are the same but dipath robot Okay, and now as well we can run we also we can add some reminders We can check all running processes if you click this one we see that this process is running And now as you see we can run this robot even without your iPad studio or without up pass orchestrator.

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