What is React Storybook and React addons part 2

Now we need this one ok so let’s try it we can try to run your test but I haven’t you sure it will work because we didn’t configure between the figure package. Son will for just check configuration our expected result is four components source companies in our layout component in storage we have to see the one file with the snapshot we need to find we need to see folder with snapshot so we need here is that you have error so let’s edit our adjustments the correction we will change make addressed with the next clients and so for just fire we add the next configuration so we need to add the setup file it’s locked a polyfill just dome which you define also is always top jazz firewood.

We added correct coverage here so coverage from we added files which we need to check for coverage files for ignore ignoring we added threshold but right now we can remove it the four snapshots analyzers we added to clarify sterilizer model path environment and for tests much we added that in the story book we have a spec jazz file we will add it and let’s add this file it’s additional file for proper testing can do fantastic for storybook so in this file we will add the next part so we need to in history should we add some configuration just copy and paste and let’s try again you have test ok so here we can see that we can’t override these properties so what can we do let’s eject our application replication at the fire right would we need you can see this comment in packages on so let’s call it yarn object and then we will configure as the code we need okay we had arrow solving it commit everything and then do this again so okay we committed there let’s run the game okay so we eject the risk now we have whole control and now in packages own we can see that we have our adjustments figuration and we can override it override it setup files here let’s add this action.

What we needed to us so let’s add this this comment and what we need come on sir okay let’s try again you haven’t test okay here we see that we have error with multiple integration for Bible let’s remove it from packages on the section so here we have preset react top we will remove it because we have already distant figuration Babel Crile preset react okay so let’s try it again that’s own test okay we have no team although let’s edit let’s run it against here we see a few errors with the snapshots that they are not the same let’s update August and short with you comment of data that we have six updated snapshots and let’s check if our component was updated let’s open a components they are Taurus you Edie’s that show sterilizer to ourpackage.json it will be ins into G saw sterilizer we will edit and it should work our battery for our snapshot test ok let’s delete this test right now and then we will find out what’s wrong with it lets run it again so thesis it all tests are passed and everything is ok but anyway we don’t see snapshots hero ok so I have finished the figuration for the outer component and we can see that 4 stories.

you have folders snapshots where we can see snapshot for structures further out component oh how can I did it first of all as I managed to be extracted the we injected our application react eject and now we can edit everything what we needed also for packages own we edited updated to Jasmine figuration what we need to know it’s setup files we added to adjust the top gel file and snapshot sterilizer is in zoom and zoom to JSON sterilizer and Test match wadded that it should check a storybook goes back just so let’s check this filet rebook spec jazz we editor and for stop Jess will be added disease second text hook and after that ethnic works fine so when we when we run young tests and awesome Orion test updated the default comment from other rejecting Creed’s right now it’s the test just colleges and it transactions what we need without these not scripts so in our case we can delete the scripts test let’s follow it right now it’s it is useless so we can delete it and when we run all the unit tests we can see that we have all snapshots and the last one works fine sowed can figure out the story book rotating a couch is your extortions okay.

The next tablet is configured the last and don’t what I mentioned it’s very active I’ve added internalization and accessibility okay so the next I don’t we will add it like this Imperium so we’ll check it first of all we need to install this model let’s do it the next we need the import decision don’t to add-ons jazz file and the next we need to add this decorator so we can import this model to our conjugated JS file and after that we will add the decorator and also that we will add decorator but first at all we need to import this function add a decorator and now we can add so let’scheck storybook run err a storybook again so now we can see that we having your adult is accessibility so if you will click it uses at the no relation and we have to pass that original course final recording the lightest Rules of Civility our component is fine and we can use it ok let’s add the next to Donna to be react live edit so let’s check it ok let’s do let’s install this component this module next we’ll import it to add-ons and the next we need they can figure out where the storybook confit class open cottages so let’s import.

I have edit and touch options and they add these two lines to our code so we call set options to do a dark on theme and precise react and also set it on live edit that done we need the import from study book Korea oater that list could figure our stories so open our component layout stories and birth at the part form while editing so we need the import with high value scope and also that we can add the decorator and add the live source Toroid so let’s add this live edit part so we added the decorator for edit we had integrated with the live edit cope its react at the path component what we are going to the pockets they are company then.

The neckline is add the light source we call it this story it’s the name of story and then we return which other component to rotation how it works let’s wait for rebooted and check our storybook it doesn’t work because we need to run it again from scratch let’s run again so we’re started storybook and hold it and here we can see that we have a live edit and live edit new add-on but when we activate it a small part when you activate it you right now we can reload remove the widget and we see that now we can edit and it will work in over and you’ll be updated in life so we can add Funds and this is that you know maybe pals even when we pass the probes in such way it works fine but the issues when we switch back we need to always rode the page but anyway it works fine and the last adult.

We will add it for internalization so it works just to give your component or application using a content installation provider from in the metallization rack to the internal donation library and with add this is done through our vacation ok so what we need to be need to install storybook on those into the next one we need to import it to add owns JS file and the next one we need to configure our configures file with the next data so we need the set in token fee can be little decorator and also need the download a few additional modules and import damage for different locations wean use it copy that and the House passed our code then we need to add this okay or datum and author that we need the messages sowed can find that we have messages and performance let’s copy that and we will configure that in tool configuration and add the decorator okay we will copy and pop past it and after that we can try to reload our storybook okay.

Let’s write a load action from scratch so also we installed locked into module dependency and write it again run storybook again so to solve the issue is read in translation we needed to change the version of react into two eight oh because in the light latest versions they updated to this model and done no such file such like a local data so that we updated version we can run your install and run our application and there’s a good works fine so after that you can reload our storybook and open ok I’ll sit down and here you will see two languages for English and German when you can submit it and in case your application is using to help the resolution code will be changed here and this is it.

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